A season of reliance

As seasons come and go, from God’s perspective, they each have their own divine agenda. A goal to be accomplished, a change to be made, an area of our hearts to be altered. Certain seasons however, change us in ways that are unseen. They deposit attributes we are unaware of that will be vital to the degree of success we experience in the next season. One of the most important aspects, is our gauge of success. Success in God’s eyes is very different at times than ours is. Understanding the goal he has for us is the pivotal aspect in determining our level of success. I have been struggling daily to stay encouraged about what i am here doing. I don’t mean in the military, or in afghanistan even, but here on a mission for the Kingdom of God. My success is measured by the impact i have on those around me, the influence i can be in someone elses life. There are times in life when you must do things you don’t want to do. Go places you don’t want to see, and talk to people you wouldn’t usually talk to. Its difficult to process, accept, and identify success in a season that in nature is entirely undesireable. What i am learning to understand better, is that sometimes success is unseen, no matter how hard you attempt to see it. Until the season when what was deposited, shows itself. This season i am seeing constantly things that i was unaware of within me. Now i must learn even more so that i must trust and rely on the Lord in every moment. Having faith that what i am struggling through is a blessing. As romans 5 states, we must rejoice in our stuggles because they bring about perseverance, which will build character. My hope is in the Lord, believing that my current struggle is his will for my life, creating new things in me that will bring about a successful future in HIS eyes, and hopefully have a positive effect on HIS kingdom. In a time of hardship, unseen success, and blind steps, we must rely completely on the Lord. Be spirit led. I’m believing the result will be exponentially more than i could ever have imagined.


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