September 13th

Today was an excellent start to the week. While on a guard shift for a couple of hours filling in for a co-worker, i ran into the Battalion Chaplin. We got to chatting about this, and that for a few minutes before he asked me how my deployment had been so far. I expressed my feelings, in regards to just struggling as i assume most people do, to keep 100% positive about situations that are pretty undesirable. As i am aware that the Lord has great things planned for me to take away from this experience, it just becomes difficult to keep every area of your thought focused on the positive. His immediate reaction after he realized i was serving the Lord was, “I’d like to hear your story if that’s OK?”. So about 45 minutes later, and extensive detail in regards to my testimony, his reaction was nothing short of the encouragement i needed to continue to give myself to God’s call for this season of my life. The ability is available through God, as the responsibility is placed by God. A quote from pastor Judah Smith that has repeated in my head for months now since i first heard it. This conversation lasted another 30 minutes, talking about the various people who were serving the Lord in 2nd battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment, the plans they have for trying to get people plugged in to various churches in the area, and the amazing passion this man has to see all of his soldiers saved by the Grace of God, through faith in Jesus Christ. It was very encouraging simply to share with another in the same place, our passion for seeing a breakthrough in the people around us. In the military and especially a unit such as this one, there is a very firm sense of brotherhood. I want to take that to another level. As one of my fellow rangers has tattooed on his arm “BROTHERS in CHRIST” is what i pray for. Thank you Jesus for your presence, and your constant blessing. I recognized favor from God as i walked away, realizing there was an endless list of young men just like me that Jesus is longing to reach.


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