sweaty guy at the gym… and following my hearts desire

he was red in the face, with sweat dripping down his nose and he was grunting and moaning and immediately i wished that chris was there. ” what if he has a heart attack? what would i do? chris could help him but i wouldn’t even know where to start.” as my peaceful workout was annoyingly interrupted by the man next to me struggling to keep up with his stair climber machine i looked at my time; i was only half way there before i could hop off my elliptical machine and head down stairs to meet up with chris. i tried to turn my attention elsewhere: my stats, the news, my iPhone… anything to distract me… but it didnt work and i was left with the complete awareness of his every grunt. and then he spoke. between gasping breaths he said “come on.” huh? did he just say something? i was confused. is he talking to himself? and then another; “you can do it.” and then i realized he was talking to himself, he was coaching himself, encouraging himself, pushing himself past the point that his body told him he could go. and immediately my disgust turned to amazement. he had a desire, a goal, and he was determined to get there, no matter how hard he had to push himself.

then my thoughts turned towards myself. what are my goals? what are my desires? and what am i doing to achieve these goals? and what i found was a bit disappointing. while my heart was pushing me in one direction and i knew where i WANTED to go my mind was telling me where i SHOULD go and was filled with questions. “what if it doesn’t work? think of all the time and energy you will have wasted. will you have time to dedicate to it? are you really creative enough? talented enough? is this really where God is calling you to be? this isn’t safe.”

and as long as i can remember i have let my mind win out, thinking the more responsible path would be the one that’s safest, smartest. i gave in to settling and i have been left with this huge desire, restrained and restricted by fear.

the great thing about that man at the gym was that he knew his hearts desire, he knew he had a goal that, while reachable, was going to take a lot of hard work and dedication. and he wasn’t going to let himself or any one else keep him from that. he pushed himself, not caring what others might think of his seemlingly crazy grunts, moans, and self coaching statements. he didn’t let fear in any way keep him from going all out and pushing himself beyond his comfort level. and i am so thankful. he taught me a valuable lesson that day and i left determined to step out of my comfort zone to pursue what it his God has placed on my heart to do, no matter how scared my mind might be.

Faithful is He who calls you, and He also will bring it to pass.

I Thessalonians 5:24


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