i will follow

she sat there waiting patiently as her husband walked on the treadmill in front of her. had her eyes worked she would have been watching him the entire time, step after step, cheering him on as he walked. but her eyes didn’t work. and so she waited patiently, in darkness, most likely listening to his footsteps and undoubtedly silently cheering him on as he walked. when he finished he slowly and carefully made his way to her. she stood and handed him his white cane and it was then that i realized that not only was she blind but he was as well. they began their journey to the door and i couldn’t help but watch their every step. his cane moved back and forth in front of him as he led with her following closely behind, making sure to keep her hand on his back so as to be sure she stay on the path he led. he weaved through the weight machines, at times rather hesitantly, making what seemed to be a rather confusing path toward the entrance as well as a near collision with another gym member and even so, she continued to follow him, trusting to lead her to their next destination.

i couldn’t help but to look at my life, my marriage. am i trusting him to lead me to our next destination? am i following where he is going even if i know that he can’t see the next step in front of him? i promised to submit myself to his leadership in my life and stated that i would trust him, knowing that he would never lead me astray. but how am i walking this out? how does this look in our everyday or more importantly IS it evident in our everyday? i watched that couple, and i examined my own life and i realized that more often than not i tried to take the lead and i tried to direct our path, putting my trust, not in my husband, but in myself and my own selfish desires. i watched that couple, and i examined my own life and i realized that i have come up short.

i am a firm believer that God uses anything and anyone to speak to us what He wants to say and i’m so grateful for the beautiful depiction of trust He showed me that day. that couple challenged me and convicted me to put my complete trust in my husband and his leading knowing, that because of Jesus in him, he will never lead me astray.


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