gc conference, my tears, his gentle words

we rode home and tears ran down my face as i confessed to him my failures and shortcomings. i have been trying to do it on my own, i admitted, and i have been coming up short, tired, and burnt out. my hopes, dreams and desires had been an effort of self rather than a dependance on God and i was growing weary trying to make them happen in and of myself. i knew this had to change and i felt frustrated and discouraged that i had been so naive to let this happen. i poured out my heart to him on our drive home and in the way that only he can, he spoke gentle words of encouragement, gentle reassuring words that pointed my sights away from my shortcomings and on to His incredible grace. and my heart melted. he spoke the words that my heart needed to hear and as i look back on that night i can’t help but to think of where we were a year ago. gc conference was where my crush on him became apparent to all those around me. gc conference was where i gave him the first of many shoulder massages. and gc conference was where his relationship with this amazing church began. and a year later we returned to gc conference, humbled and so grateful for the road God has led us on up to now and hopeful and encouraged for where He is taking us.

Here we are at gc conference🙂


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