daring to dream

as i read her words aloud to my husband it was as though she was speaking directly to my heart. every word, every sentence, every paragraph seemed to put in to words what my heart has been feeling for some time now. i felt so vulnerable and transparent.

“Sometimes we forget, we underestimate and get comfortable with day to day living“, she wrote, “that those urges in us that burn like fire get pushed to the side.”

i find myself constantly struggling with my hearts desires, questioning their logic and whether they will ever come to pass or, as she said it so well, whether they are simply “fantasy or fleeting moments of granduer.” but she went on to remind us that

“the vision and dreams that God has put in you HE has not forgotten about and He doesn’t want you to either. “

we finished reading her blog post and began to allow ourselves to dream, and not simply in our thoughts, where dreams can so easily be overtaken by reason and logic. we typed our dreams out, listing 1 year, 5 year, and life long dreams. some may seem completely unrealistic and all together silly but we dreamed any way, because, as she put it so elequantly,

“God doesn’t place desires in us in vain.  I think He gives us the visions, the eye to see the things that we want because they are within reach and He wants them for us.”


One thought on “daring to dream

  1. I struggle with feeling like my dreams are selfish desires. I know that my dreams are built upon my desire to serve more faithfully, but I am slowly learning through prayer and messages like this that its not selfish at all. Living how we are called to live sometimes calls for sacrifice but in the end its not about stuff… its about love. Thank you for your post.

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