she inspires me

every once in a while a person comes along that breathes life into our lives, that is running the same direction, with the same dreams, desires, and passions as us. these people are few and when they come into our life it’s as though a fire has begin to burn under us. they inspire us to do more, be more and dream bigger than we could ever imagine. one of those people in my life right now is Marissa Lynn. her and i have know each other for years and for her and her husband to get stationed at the same base as my husband and i is a complete God send (especially considering Washington was around number 12 on their list of desired locations). her passion and creativity is infectious and just what i need in my life right now.

i had the amazing opportunity to tag along with her today as she embarked on a new adventure. and we had such a great time! she is an incredible lady and doing great things and i am so honored to be able to be a small part of it all. check out what she’s up to here!

happy thursday all.


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