be inspired – kasse

it was surreal as i sat there, listening to her tell her story to a room full of photographers. replaying the day she bought her first camera, the day she realized photography was to be more than a hobby, and the day she bravely stepped away from her 9-5 job and committed to being a full time photographer. it was surreal as i sat there, looking back, humbled that i had the opportunity to watch her grow into exactly who she is called to be today.

i can’t really tell you how it happened to be honest but through working together at a less than desirable job, and dreaming of a more glamourous life, she became a dear friend. and as she grew and experimented with photography she became not only a dear friend but a mentor, inviting me to tag along with her and her husband to weddings as well as engagement shoots, and even made me step in front of the camera a time or two, or three. she quickly became our family photographer, photographing my brothers senior photos, my sisters senior photos, pre deployment photos of chris and i, and most recently we had the honor of having her photograph our wedding.

i had no idea at the time the seeds she was planting in me simply by living out her dreams and inviting me to join her. and as i sat there listening to her tell her story to a room full of photographers i was speachless. she had invited me, yet again, to tag along as she lived out another one of her dreams, holding a photography workshop.

i joined holli for her BeInspired workshop in portland and it was surreal. she has been such a blessing to my life and i was truly proud to see her sharing her life, her heart, her gift with other photographers, cheering them on to be exactly who they are called to be.

we had the opportunity to hang out with some truly gorgeous girls that day, putting into practice all that holli had taught us. here is what i captured of Kasse.


6 thoughts on “be inspired – kasse

  1. Love this post Justine! I love the old photos too and dang girl you are a great model. Love your wedding photos! I love the images you captured of Kasse you did a awesome job! Ok I said LOVE too much! But seriously great post!

  2. Oh my gosh!!! You brought me to tears, girl! Seriously LOVE you! You have always been so supportive and loving and giving in my pursuits. I have just loved watching you grow in your photography and I can’t wait to see where you go! Amazing things are in store for you, girl! I am always, always, always here for you!!! Love you!

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