Pikes Place with the parents

it had been months since we had seen our family. we had made plans to visit but it seemed a lifetime away and we were desperately missing everyone. my dad called and i asked when they were going to come up and see us, since the option for us to come down there has been almost non-existant. he said he would talk to mom, and thus the planning began. and a few days later we had a weekend scheduled on the calendar. nearly everyday chris and i would talk about how excited we were to finally see some family. two weekends ago my parents made the 4 hour drive to visit. my aunt joked that “the country mice were going to visit the city mice” and we laughed, because it was so true. chris and i were so excited to show them all around our new life together. we took them on a tour of joint base lewis mcchord, to seattle to explore pikes place market, and to our church so they could meet our new church family. we had such a great time with them and can’t wait for a second visit (hint, hint).


big game o chess

coolest street sigh, ever

my dad spotted these reflections and i thought they were pretty cool

yup, that’s us:)

if i could afford it i would buy every piece of produce available at pikes place market. it all looked incredibly delicious.

there was a barbershop quartet outside of starbucks. they were truly amazing.

random clarinetist. the streets of seattle are packed with randomness. i love it!

my lovely parents

we asked a stranger to take a photo of us. he asked what we wanted as our background and i was confused until i viewed the photo that he took. apparently he thought we wanted more of the background than we wanted of us. i worked my cropping skills though and did what i could to get rid of the excess background.

meet POP-EYE, our newest friend


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