Diary of a Military Wife: Learning to Embrace

it’s said that the first & the last month of deployment is always the hardest. in the first month you are still trying to accept the fact that your loved one is gone and desperately trying to adjust to this new life and schedule with out him. and in the last month the days can seem to drag on at a snails pace. you can see the light at the end of the tunnel but still have a few weeks to actually get there. and it’s hard. this proved very true for me last deployment. it was hard, and then smooth sailing for a bit, and then very very hard again.

this time, however, has been different. deployment was very quickly followed by a family 4th of July, a move to Seattle, and my brothers wedding. it was busy and it was great. the first month seemed to fly by and i was optimistic. and then… everything stopped. i found myself in Seattle, settled, and alone. and the reality of Chris being gone seemed to flood our empty apartment. i could fill my days till mid afternoon but then the minutes began to crawl. and i felt myself slipping. i knew this feeling. it was the same feeling i felt most of last deployment. a darkness, a feeling of hopelessness. the reality of being alone was consuming me. my heart was heavy and the worst part was i felt like i was doing it all on my own. i tried to stick it out, thinking i just needed to suck it up and endure this season. but i’m not alone, and i’m not meant to endure, i’m meant to embrace.

so in an effort to embrace this season, i have taken myself out of the daily routine of life, hopped in the car, and headed south, where i can surround myself with family and keep busy while Chris is away.




One thought on “Diary of a Military Wife: Learning to Embrace

  1. 😦 It’s never easy but don’t ever forget Christ never leaves us nor forsakes us 🙂 not to mention he never sleeps nor slumbers; I never thought I could even begin do this deployment with being pregnant, the lack of control over my body with the possiblity of something going wrong and having to face labor alone; fear took over before he even knew when he’d leave. The only thing to do to keep myself going is to just lean on the Lord to carry me through. Don’t ever let your mind get weighed down to making you think you can’t do it. It’s only temporary and in the end nothing will happen that God hasn’t allowed to happen in our lives for whatever reason he may. And I am 100% convinced that in every hardship if we truly give in and take hold of him the blessings that follow make the pain and difficulty of that hardship a faded glipse of time. I have experienced it to the core in my life. However I think it is wonderful that you are able to be with family and just keep holding on because it’s your last deployment!! Once he is out you’ll never have to worry about the deployments or the crazy hours 🙂 And the military chains will never again have a hold of your plans!!! 🙂 You can doooo it!!!!!!!!! ❤

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