Happy early Father’s Day:)

i can’t help it. whenever he’s around, i have to break out my camera and photograph him. he is my favorite nephew (i can say that because he is my only nephew) and the most perfect child EVER! and whenever we are around him Chris says “I want one.” in fact, he said those exact words last night as i gave him a preview of todays blog post:) someday… but until then we are so grateful for Miles.

while the guys were enjoying a bachelor party weekend with my soon to be brother in law (EEK! can you believe you will be a bride in just 11 days Taylor?!!), my sister, Lindsay, and i snuck in a mini photo shoot as a Father’s Day present for her husband. we had so much fun taking these photos and she was so excited about them that she told her husband early:) i laughed when she text me “so… I might have already shown Dana…” too cute!

luckily for you, dear friends, my sister’s inability to contain her excitement means i get to share these photos with you earlier than anticipated!


Pikes Place with the parents

it had been months since we had seen our family. we had made plans to visit but it seemed a lifetime away and we were desperately missing everyone. my dad called and i asked when they were going to come up and see us, since the option for us to come down there has been almost non-existant. he said he would talk to mom, and thus the planning began. and a few days later we had a weekend scheduled on the calendar. nearly everyday chris and i would talk about how excited we were to finally see some family. two weekends ago my parents made the 4 hour drive to visit. my aunt joked that “the country mice were going to visit the city mice” and we laughed, because it was so true. chris and i were so excited to show them all around our new life together. we took them on a tour of joint base lewis mcchord, to seattle to explore pikes place market, and to our church so they could meet our new church family. we had such a great time with them and can’t wait for a second visit (hint, hint).


big game o chess

coolest street sigh, ever

my dad spotted these reflections and i thought they were pretty cool

yup, that’s us:)

if i could afford it i would buy every piece of produce available at pikes place market. it all looked incredibly delicious.

there was a barbershop quartet outside of starbucks. they were truly amazing.

random clarinetist. the streets of seattle are packed with randomness. i love it!

my lovely parents

we asked a stranger to take a photo of us. he asked what we wanted as our background and i was confused until i viewed the photo that he took. apparently he thought we wanted more of the background than we wanted of us. i worked my cropping skills though and did what i could to get rid of the excess background.

meet POP-EYE, our newest friend

Travis & Carrie – Engaged

me: mom & dad are coming up the weekend of the 14th.. you guys should come too!!

brother: i’m pretty sure i have class that saturday… 😦

me: play hooky. problem solved.

brother: haha i can’t.

me: next weekend?! we have a 4 day weekend!

brother: like 6 days from today?

me: yup! and bring your HOT fiance!

brother: sweet. we’ll talk about it and get back to ya

(8 hours later)

brother: keep an open space for me on the floor and for my fiance in the bed next weekend!!!:) cool if we come up friday?

and just like that my brother and his fiance came up and visited for easter weekend. with chris being put “on-call” soon after we arrived home from our honeymoon we hadn’t seen them in what seemed like ages! we love our family and were missing them dearly so a visit came at the perfect time! and of course i couldn’t pass up getting them in front of my camera:) so i just stalked them all weekend and took photos wherever we went:)


if you know my brother at all you know that he is a total dork! thankfully, carrie was grace with the patience to take it in stride

yup, that’s my brother

we had no idea

one of the great things about moving to a different state is going through old boxes. in an attempt to organize my life i found myself on our living room floor one evening with my bin of scrapbooking stuff sprawled out everywhere (yes, I have a massive scrapbooking bin… no i have never actually scrapbooked. truth.). i found random pictures through the bin, from moments i wanted to remember, to moments im now grateful i didnt waste time scrapbooking. in the midst of all the randomness i found her photo. it was from her senior year of high school and on the back she had written me a little note. after reading it i quickly snapped a photo of it and sent it her way. she commented on her stellar denim outfit that was oh so stylish her senior year, and then in words that bring tears of joy and gratitude to my eyes, she wrote “i had no idea back then just how much we’d walk through together:)”

i had no idea back then that she would be the one to walking me through my first days as a new follower of Jesus, through the break up of my live in boyfriend, to asking where to start in reading my bible daily.

i had no idea back then that she would be the one that i would go to with my thoughts, concerns and need for accountability in areas i struggled.

i had no idea back then that she would be the one to lead me through one of the most intensely amazing years of my life as i went through lit.

we had no idea back then that i would stand by her side on her wedding day as she commited her life to her best friend.

we had no idea back then that she would giggle and laugh with me as i told her about my crush on my hubby.

we had no idea back then that she would be the one i would go to for strength and encouragement as i endured 4 longs months of Chris being deployed.

we had no idea back then that she would stand by my side on my wedding day as i commited my life to my best friend.

and i had no ideaback then that 11 years later i would have the amazing opportunity to photograph her newborn and her growing family.

rachel, there are hardly words to describe the amazing influence you have had in my life. you are an amazing woman and i am so blessed to have been able to do life by your side. you and isaac make the most beautiful couple and little miss phoebe annalise attests to that:) i love you both!

Caleb & Taylor – Engaged – Island Park – Springfield, OR

he had no idea that she had been admiring him from afar, only dreaming of the day that they would get to have a conversation; so when that night came over a year ago, the living room was filled with excitment and anticipation. she laid on the floor with her laptop in front of her, my mom on one side of her and i on the other; little did we know that such an innocent conversation over facebook chat would be the beginning of their lives together. just three days before he would get down on one knee in the parking lot that they first met i had the joy of photographing Caleb & Taylor. while my morning leading up to their shoot was anything but peaceful we had such a great time roaming around Island Park in Springfield, Oregon

life as we knew it

they came into our lives and life as we knew it was no more. suddenly we had toddlers running around, waking up in the middle of the night to a bad dream, and demanding our love and attention at all times. my parents had prayed and prepared for this moment for years but when Mikey and Des arrived in our lives we quickly realized that no amount of preparation could equip us for the reality of having two dependent little ones.

they quickly came into our lives and life as we knew it was no more. and just over a year later they all too quickly left our lives and life as we knew it was no more.

when my parents made the decision to be foster parents it came with years of prayer and months of preparation. they had no idea what they were getting themselves into and had they known, they may not have gone through with it. but they welcomed Mikey and Des with open arms and saw them, not as different or less but as their very own children. they layed down their lives for these two precious hearts, so when they were returned to their parents my parents’ hearts broke. they were losing their children that they had raised, cared for and loved for the past 17 months and they knew that life would never be the same. they had no idea what they were getting themselves into when they started and as they looked back, they wouldn’t have traded one moment of it for the world.

we had the opportunity to take the kiddos to the pumpkin patch in october and am so grateful that i was able to snap some fun photos of our day with them. these little ones will have a special place in our hearts forever. enjoy.

Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for awhile and leave footprints on our hearts. And we are never, ever the same.– Anonymous

friday at the capitol

my mom rode the train up friday to hang with me for the day before she went diving at gig harbor for the weekend. we had a great time roaming around downtown olympia; shopping, eating and visiting the state capitol. i, of course, had to take my camera along to capture our adventures. the capitol was beautiful and we had a great time exploring! hope you enjoy:)

Dana & Lindsay Maternity Shoot – Skinner Butte – Eugene, OR

they trusted me with the major responsibility of capturing their most precious moments as they anxiously awaited the arrival of their beautiful son, Miles. i had never photographed a maternity shoot before and i was beyond nervous but we had a great time and i feel so honored to be able to have had the opportunity to spend the day with my lovely sister and handsome brother in law. here are some of the photos we got from that day. enjoy.

Miles Jackson – 2 months

We had the opportunity to go down to Oregon last weekend to visit our family and fortunately for us my sister and our nephew were up from California during that same time. The weekend seemed to fly by and I never feel like I have as much time with my family as I would like but I cherish every moment we do get to be together and am so grateful that our schedules worked out the way that they did. While Chris was getting our stuff together and loaded up on our last morning there I snapped a couple of photos of my handsome nephew. His 2 month birthday was yesterday and I can’t believe how big he is getting!

Miles Kevin

December 12, 2011. we waited impatiently outside her hospital room, the entire family lining the halls, laughing and talking to pass the time. we waited impatiently and then it came, the cry of the newest addition to our family, Miles Kevin Jackson. we rushed in as soon as the doctor gave us the ok and he was perfect in every way. my sister, beaming with the unconditional love that only a mother can know, sat there, enamored by the miracle of her child while my brother-in-law graciously accepted all of the congratulations. it was raw, and it was perfect. those moments in life that leave an imprint on your heart, those moments that you know you will remember for the rest of your life. and in that moment i was so grateful for the amazing family God had given to me.

you see, a sister was my hearts desire when i was little and when God blessed me with two loving, caring, kind, compassionate sisters i knew that He obviously thinks much bigger than i do. and as our family continues to grow i feel beyond blessed that it is with sisters like mine by my side.

a week later i had the incredible honor to photograph my favorite little nephew. i can’t believe it’s been almost 2 months since he came into our lives and being 2 states away from him, while it makes aunties heart sad, makes every moment that we are together so much more special. and i am so glad i have these to look at until i see him again.

lin, i love you to pieces and am so incredibly overjoyed for you and your family. thank you for the honor of taking your son’s photos.