Happy early Father’s Day:)

i can’t help it. whenever he’s around, i have to break out my camera and photograph him. he is my favorite nephew (i can say that because he is my only nephew) and the most perfect child EVER! and whenever we are around him Chris says “I want one.” in fact, he said those exact words last night as i gave him a preview of todays blog post:) someday… but until then we are so grateful for Miles.

while the guys were enjoying a bachelor party weekend with my soon to be brother in law (EEK! can you believe you will be a bride in just 11 days Taylor?!!), my sister, Lindsay, and i snuck in a mini photo shoot as a Father’s Day present for her husband. we had so much fun taking these photos and she was so excited about them that she told her husband early:) i laughed when she text me “so… I might have already shown Dana…” too cute!

luckily for you, dear friends, my sister’s inability to contain her excitement means i get to share these photos with you earlier than anticipated!


We’re coming to Eugene!

life has been crazy lately! from starting a side job, to shooting my first wedding, and everything in between, i can’t help but feel there simply aren’t enough hours in the day. and when i look at the big picture, and all that i want to do, coupled with all that i have to do, i feel like i can’t breathe. while i aspire to be the carefree person that lives one day at a time, with no thought of the future; the perfectionist planner in me doesn’t allow it. thank you sweetbabyjesus for my amazing husband who brings me back to reality, helps me refocus my attention on the present, and even comes to my rescue when i find myself with my head in my hands; turning off my computer screen for me and sending me on a run to simply clear my head. i have the best husband ever. and in a week we are unplugging completely, heading to NYC, and enjoying some much-needed fun! one of the best parts? we will return to my sister marrying her best friend! followed by a week in eugene, hanging with the fam. while we are there i couldn’t pass up the opportunity to schedule some photo shoots:) so, for 3 days only, i’m offering mini sessions! if you would LOVE to have some great updated photos, what are you waiting for? let’s schedule your shoot today! email me at justine@justinecirullo.com 🙂




Northwest Dive Expo- Point Defiance, Washington

she is always on an adventure, and i can hardly keep up. but when her adventures bring her north i make sure i join her, even if only for the morning. here’s a look into my morning with my mom, a couple sunday’s ago, at the northwest dive expo’s treasure hunt.

diving is all about helping each other. there is so much equipment to put on that it would be impossible to do by oneself. it was incredible to witness everyone helping each other.

Pikes Place with the parents

it had been months since we had seen our family. we had made plans to visit but it seemed a lifetime away and we were desperately missing everyone. my dad called and i asked when they were going to come up and see us, since the option for us to come down there has been almost non-existant. he said he would talk to mom, and thus the planning began. and a few days later we had a weekend scheduled on the calendar. nearly everyday chris and i would talk about how excited we were to finally see some family. two weekends ago my parents made the 4 hour drive to visit. my aunt joked that “the country mice were going to visit the city mice” and we laughed, because it was so true. chris and i were so excited to show them all around our new life together. we took them on a tour of joint base lewis mcchord, to seattle to explore pikes place market, and to our church so they could meet our new church family. we had such a great time with them and can’t wait for a second visit (hint, hint).


big game o chess

coolest street sigh, ever

my dad spotted these reflections and i thought they were pretty cool

yup, that’s us:)

if i could afford it i would buy every piece of produce available at pikes place market. it all looked incredibly delicious.

there was a barbershop quartet outside of starbucks. they were truly amazing.

random clarinetist. the streets of seattle are packed with randomness. i love it!

my lovely parents

we asked a stranger to take a photo of us. he asked what we wanted as our background and i was confused until i viewed the photo that he took. apparently he thought we wanted more of the background than we wanted of us. i worked my cropping skills though and did what i could to get rid of the excess background.

meet POP-EYE, our newest friend

the formless and void

“in the very beginning of the Bible God took what was formless and void and created the earth (Genesis 1:2-The earth was without form and an empty waste, and darkness was upon the face of the very great deep…) and if we are created in God’s image, the ultimate Creator (Genesis 1:27-So God created man in His own image, in the image and likeness of God He created him; male and female He created them.) then we too are called to take that which seems to be formless and void and create something out of it.”

i left our City Group last night feeling incredibly challenged and excited for the future. while the discussion revolved around the book The Purpose Driven Church by Rick Warren I couldn’t help but apply it to my life and where i find myself as a growing photographer and business owner. while pursuing a creative career is incredibly exciting and rewarding it can, at times, be daunting and a bit overwhelming. i find myself with many formless and void areas, some looking as though they are an empty waste. and if i were truly honest with myself, i have let the formless and the void hold me back rather than seeing the potential they have. the Bible says that the earth was “an emtpy waste” yet God created our aww inspiring earth,. He saw it’s potential. when i put that truth into perspective i realize that the formless and the voids in my life are not so terrible after all. and if God can create such an incredible planet out of an empty waste, then i can create something out of my nothings, too. because i was created in His own image.

and my prayer for you today is that you have the faith to see the potential in the formless and the voids in your life, that you can recognize that your Creator created you to create, and that you can stand on that fact, step out infaith, trust, and create.

Wade Stockton Rediger – 2 months

we had gone to church together for a couple of years but had never really talked. in fact, i don’t know that we could even say that we were acquaintances. we simply went to the same church. that all changed, however, when our pastor asked us both to accompany him to Hannah’s House once a month for an evening service he would be leading. she, her husband, our pastor, and i would car pool together one friday every month and in that one friday a month we formed a friendship that is so dear to my heart. i would talk to her about my crush (now my hubby, holla!) and she would talk about how crazy work was and the next getaway she and her husband were planning. i cherished those car rides and looked forward to them every month.

when i found out Jered & Myranda was pregnant my heart smiled so incredibly big! this had been the desire of their heart for years and when little Wade was born i couldn’t wait to meet him! so when Myranda contacted me to take some photos of her little miracle man i was thrilled! i hung out with mommy and baby this past weekend and while little Wade wasn’t a fan of mommy setting him down we just went with it. he loves his mommy and it was precious.

Myranda, you are an amazing woman and an incredible mom! Hope you enjoy your photos. XOXO

feeling trapped

i felt trapped, and i didnt know why. every shoot, i left feeling as though i failed, as though i wasn’t adding up, i wasn’t good enough. i had these poses in my mind, shots i desperately wanted in my portfolio yet i could never seem to produce them… as well as others had. and there in lies the problem. rather than allowing myself to be inspired by the couple i was shooting or the scenery i was in i was constantly attempting to create what others were inspired to create. i had lost all trust in the creativity God had given me and became completely consumed by what others were doing and how they were doing it. and i felt trapped.

the feeling didn’t stop at my photos either. as a new photographer i find myself working on a website, pricing structure and marketing plan, all of which seem to not match up to those i follow. and the feelings of entrapment paralyzed me.

i read trevor dayley photography’s post titled pinterest is ruining me today and it was me he seemed to be writing about. i took in his every word as he spoke and couldn’t help but feel incredibly vulnerable as he called out my every weakness. i decided on sunday to stop looking at others work, stop comparing myself to those more experienced than me and start letting myself be inspired by what i love, not what others love. and his post confirmed my decision while giving me practical steps to putting my decision into action.

while i fight the feelings i have of insecurity and questions of whether others will approve of what i do i’m excited to allow myself the freedom to be who i am and produce the work that is true to me. i’m ready to be inspired by life and can’t wait for what’s to come!

check out this sign i found on the streets of seattle this past weekend! i love it:)

Travis & Carrie – Engaged

me: mom & dad are coming up the weekend of the 14th.. you guys should come too!!

brother: i’m pretty sure i have class that saturday… 😦

me: play hooky. problem solved.

brother: haha i can’t.

me: next weekend?! we have a 4 day weekend!

brother: like 6 days from today?

me: yup! and bring your HOT fiance!

brother: sweet. we’ll talk about it and get back to ya

(8 hours later)

brother: keep an open space for me on the floor and for my fiance in the bed next weekend!!!:) cool if we come up friday?

and just like that my brother and his fiance came up and visited for easter weekend. with chris being put “on-call” soon after we arrived home from our honeymoon we hadn’t seen them in what seemed like ages! we love our family and were missing them dearly so a visit came at the perfect time! and of course i couldn’t pass up getting them in front of my camera:) so i just stalked them all weekend and took photos wherever we went:)


if you know my brother at all you know that he is a total dork! thankfully, carrie was grace with the patience to take it in stride

yup, that’s my brother

be inspired – Rachel

on day two of Holli True‘s workshop oregon decided to bless us with rain. and not just rain, but rain coupled with temperatures that  meant surely it should have been snowing, not raining. luckily we were blessed with an amazing model that braved it all and rocked it out while im sure she was frozen to the bone! here is Rachel; isn’t she beautiful?!

be inspired – kasse & rachael

happy saturday all! my brother and soon to be sister in law drove up from oregon to stay with us for the weekend and we couldn’t be more excited. chris is on call from now until deployment which means if we want to visit family he has to get permission to leave. it’s made it a bit difficult considering we are so close with our family and cherish time with them dearly. so having them up here is definitely a real treat! we’re taking them around joint base lewis mcchord today and then up to seattle to enjoy pikes place and all the wonders that the city brings followed by church tonight! before we start our day though i wanted to share with you the concluding photos from our first day at Holli True’s Be Inspired workshop. once we had a chance to get some photos of the girls individually we were able to pose them together and this is what it looked like through my lens:)