Engaged : Aaron & Catherine

When Catherine messaged me and asked if I was available to photograph her and her finance, Aaron’s engagement photos I was floored! And as we began planning the shoot I knew it would be nothing short of amazing. Catherine was the confident, lover of people who reached out to me when I first began attending my church in Oregon and Aaron & I went on a Spring Break missions trip together last year. As a few of the only “college age” brave enough to board the bus full of middle school & high school age students venturing to Camp Harlow & then to the GC conference Aaron & I had a lot of laughs. And as we went about the night, Chris & I photographing this amazing couple, we all shared lots of laughs and had an incredible time.

Aaron & Catherine decided where their shoot would take place and I LOVE it when my couples do this. Not only do they get photos that are 100% “them” but I also get to explore all sorts of new places and spaces,  and this couldnt make me happier.

I’m so excited for these two and can’t wait for their wedding this October… it’s going to be a party, no doubt!

Internet, this couple is incredibly photogenic and I had a very difficult time deciding which photos I wanted to share, so prepare for lots of them:)

The image on the left… GAHH… I’m IN LOVE with their adorableness!

Did I mention we had loads of fun?!

Aaron is a total shoe guy… so a shoe shot was a definite MUST!

We concluded our evening at Aaron’s family farm just as the sun was setting. It made for the most delicious light. YUM!


Camilo & Juri – Pre Deployment

my pre deployment photo sessions are ones that i hold most near and dear to my heart. as the proud wife of a soldier i know how incredibly difficult it can be for a family to be apart for months on end. and my goal as a photographer is to make it as easy as i possibly can on the families by providing them with images to cherish during the deployment months. so naturally i take advantage of every oppotunity possible to capture these military families.

we met up with Camilo & Juri in NYC while my husband and i were there vacationing for the week, and while the weather was less than cooperative we made the best of it.

i feel so blessed to do what i do and have the ability to provide them with these images before Camilo leaves, especially with the exciting news of their little bun in the oven!

Doug & Cortney – Pre Deployment

in less than 24 hours they say ” i do ” and in less than a month they will say goodbye as he leaves for Afghanistan. when Cortney moved up to Washington from Arizona I couldn’t wait to get them in front of my camera for their pre-deployment shoot. and when Doug proposed soon after i KNEW i couldn’t pass up the opportunity to capture their overflowing love for one another.

Travis & Carrie – Engaged

me: mom & dad are coming up the weekend of the 14th.. you guys should come too!!

brother: i’m pretty sure i have class that saturday… 😦

me: play hooky. problem solved.

brother: haha i can’t.

me: next weekend?! we have a 4 day weekend!

brother: like 6 days from today?

me: yup! and bring your HOT fiance!

brother: sweet. we’ll talk about it and get back to ya

(8 hours later)

brother: keep an open space for me on the floor and for my fiance in the bed next weekend!!!:) cool if we come up friday?

and just like that my brother and his fiance came up and visited for easter weekend. with chris being put “on-call” soon after we arrived home from our honeymoon we hadn’t seen them in what seemed like ages! we love our family and were missing them dearly so a visit came at the perfect time! and of course i couldn’t pass up getting them in front of my camera:) so i just stalked them all weekend and took photos wherever we went:)


if you know my brother at all you know that he is a total dork! thankfully, carrie was grace with the patience to take it in stride

yup, that’s my brother

i feel like im losing my mind… and i wouldnt have it any other way

leaving my phone at home has become a joke in my family. there were moments in my life; very recent moments, that i would leave my phone at home at least once a week. i tend to be the spacey and forgetful one in my family and we have all come to terms with it. however, with the addition of a boyfriend turned fiance in my life, my phone seems to make it into my purse on amore regular basis. but saturday was an exception. i was almost to my destination, 30 minutes away, and realized i had forgotten my phone. luckily i was 30 minutes early to the photo shoot i was doing with my sister and her boyfriend so i simply turned around to get it, knowing i would be cutting it close but that the extra drive would be worth it. i was surprised at how quickly the drive went and i was off again to my destination. i reached the same general location that i had reached during my first trip when i realized that i didnt grab my camera. while this isnt something that goes with me everywhere like my phone does (although i may make a habit of taking it everywhere with me) it was very much a necessity for the day, if i intended on taking photos of the lovely couple i get to call family. this, even for forgetful me, was unusual and as my sister can attest, i was a bit frazzled. luckily, they graciously agreed to meet me in the middle so that i would not be driving out to meet up with the for the third time that morning and the rest of the shoot went amazingly well.

i never imagined that i would be planning a wedding in 3 months. i neverimagined that i would be planning a wedding with out my fiance by my side. but i could never imagine planning a wedding any other way. even if i more often than not feel as though im losing my mind, i couldnt imagine it any other way.

And for your viewing pleasure… a sneak peek that i captured on my iphone from our shoot on saturday. taylor, you are gorg!