Diary of a Military Wife : An Honorary Best Man

the rehearsal went flawlessly and was full of joy and laughter at what the next day would bring. yet as we sat at dinner later that night my heart hurt at the thought that he was missing out on it all.

we went around the room, sharing stories of their past and excitement for their future but as the turn came closer to mine my mind raced as i tried to think of the perfect words he would want me to say. every word i could think to speak brought a lump in my throat and tears to my eyes.  my turn came and went and the only words i could speak were “i’ll pass”. not out of a desire to leave words unspoken but simply because i knew i wouldn’t be able to speak any of them.  my heart hurt at the thought that he was missing out on it all.

the sun was shining bright and the buzz of last minute wedding details being put into place left a smile on every ones face. it had been months in the making and she had thought of every little detail, leaving all involved thoroughly impressed. while she put the last minute touches on as she prepared to walk down the aisle i snuck away, with laptop in hand, determined. while he couldn’t be there in person, i wanted him to experience it as much as he could.

we walked down the aisle, all smiles. but as i took my place in the bridesmaids row and turned to look at the many who came to show their love and support for the happy couple i couldn’t help but look immediately to the computer screen. front row, third chair from the aisle, there sat chris, watching via skype, from Afghanistan. and my heart hurt, knowing he was missing out on it all. his best friend and brother was now committing to a life of love and laughter to his best friend and chris was 8000 miles away.

when my brother asked chris to be his honorary best man, i cried.  the thought of my husband, my brothers best friend having to miss my brothers wedding overwhelmed me. the thought of deployment overwhelmed me.

as the ceremony concluded and the reception commenced i stood in the grass and talked to him. “thank you so much baby”, he said. he didn’t look at it as missing out at all but rather was filled with gratitude that he was able to experience it. and while my heart hurt, and i missed my best friend like crazy, i was so grateful that he was able to witness one of his best friends marry the love of his life. even if from 8000 miles away.


The Inn at Diamond Woods : Roger & Amanda

Roger & Amanda were referred to me by my dear friends Holli & Marissa (love you ladies!) and i was thrilled. these ladies rock and i knew that any one they sent my way would rock as well… and oh did they. Roger & Amanda were the kindest, most welcoming couple. they invited me to join them for their rehearsal so i could get a feel for how their big day would play out and while there i had the wonderful opportunity to meet their fun loving family. we had a great time and showing up to the wedding the next day felt like going to hang out with old friends. it was truly bliss. i left feeling so blessed and beyond excited for their future together!

The tears were flowing as Amanda slipped on her wedding gown. It was such a precious moment.

Bride and mom, taking a peek at their beautiful venue.

The Inn at Diamond Woods had these amazing vaulted ceilings… love!

Amanda has such a sweet relationship with her dad and opted to do a daddy-daughter first look. I loved it… and needless to say so did dad!

After the daddy-daughter first look came the bride and groom first look. Love Love Love

i feel like im losing my mind… and i wouldnt have it any other way

leaving my phone at home has become a joke in my family. there were moments in my life; very recent moments, that i would leave my phone at home at least once a week. i tend to be the spacey and forgetful one in my family and we have all come to terms with it. however, with the addition of a boyfriend turned fiance in my life, my phone seems to make it into my purse on amore regular basis. but saturday was an exception. i was almost to my destination, 30 minutes away, and realized i had forgotten my phone. luckily i was 30 minutes early to the photo shoot i was doing with my sister and her boyfriend so i simply turned around to get it, knowing i would be cutting it close but that the extra drive would be worth it. i was surprised at how quickly the drive went and i was off again to my destination. i reached the same general location that i had reached during my first trip when i realized that i didnt grab my camera. while this isnt something that goes with me everywhere like my phone does (although i may make a habit of taking it everywhere with me) it was very much a necessity for the day, if i intended on taking photos of the lovely couple i get to call family. this, even for forgetful me, was unusual and as my sister can attest, i was a bit frazzled. luckily, they graciously agreed to meet me in the middle so that i would not be driving out to meet up with the for the third time that morning and the rest of the shoot went amazingly well.

i never imagined that i would be planning a wedding in 3 months. i neverimagined that i would be planning a wedding with out my fiance by my side. but i could never imagine planning a wedding any other way. even if i more often than not feel as though im losing my mind, i couldnt imagine it any other way.

And for your viewing pleasure… a sneak peek that i captured on my iphone from our shoot on saturday. taylor, you are gorg!